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  Welcome To rajcommunication  

In this inconsistent world of Theatre, Cinema and Visual media, Raj Communication  is still able to keep its foot affirm because of the able leadership of a self motivated individual having work experience of more than 25 years.  It is the  ambition only to reach the zenith of personal success armed with the belief in the virtues of dedication, hard working and discipline along with the quality to motivate people to achieve outstanding team performance by stepping the stairs of success with integrity and loyalty. Since 1985, under the banner of Raj Communication, many multifarious unique products are created, which prove the success that has been rarely experienced in the life of an individual, in the industry of creativity and glamour.

A Director is the creative force behind editing, acting, writing, music, dramatics and corporate films. Each and every creation of Raj Communication is a delight for the eyes and heart of the audience without offending critics as it is seamlessly and effectively blended with the three of its primary elements -action, music and romance.

Raj Communication offers best possible custom made services and solutions in the industry ranging from story writing to direction and production even helping by renting out the necessary equipments ranging from an extensive selection of cameras, lighting and grip equipments within a short notice period including providing of editing machineries and professional tripods.

The total solution for feature film making, right from story writing to pre and post production including the rights of management and distribution has been dealt with categorically. It is the matter of pride and honor working with every clientele to create custom made package by going in to every details meticulously.  

Raj Communication has its expertise in the field of making T.V. serials too providing all types of solution in this area from writing up to broadcasting.

Organizing professional training programs and customized courses for Acting, Dramatics, Direction, Editing, Script writing and Music etc. is a part of its creative world of activities.

Suitable location hunting like ice and snow, lava or hot spring as the script demands as background and coming up with the idea of unique product by using backgrounds like ice, snow, lava, buildings, midnight sun, the weather, clean air, fresh water, which transforms the finish product outstanding is also a specialised service provided by Raj Communication.